Yacht Club Games bringing Shovel Knight 2.2.1 patch to 3DS / Wii U in the near future!

Here’s the patch notes:

  • Fix: Crash when fishing up the same object multiple times while underwater.
  • Fix: Pickups which overlap the player sometimes not being picked up until moving away and back again.
  • Fix: Autoscrolls sometimes incorrectly crush player when moving near the edge of the screen.
  • Fix: Moving spiked ceiling in Tower of Fate: Ascent not colliding as spikes.
  • Fix: No longer able to jump right after triggering a catapult warp.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Jump cancelling Dust Knuckles on hit only results in a double jump if you are above the ground. Characters with no air jumps can never air jump.
  • Fix: [Shovel] Fixed possible lock-up when Plague Knight summons vats. Occurrence chance was particularly higher on Mac and Linux platforms
  • Fix: [Shovel] Can once again bounce off Plague Knight’s summoned vats.
  • Fix: [Plague] 2nd part of Boss no longer kills player if offscreen.
  • Fix: [Plague] Staff of Surging Arcana no longer goes through vertical crushing ceilings/floors when crushed.
  • Fix: Minor option menu fixes.

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