Magique Productions bringing Asteroid Challenge to the Wii U eShop!

A new indie title called Asteroid Challenge has been announced exclusively for the Wii U eShop. The game comes from Magique Productions, and is an arcade style shoot ’em up. Asteroid Challenge draws inspiration from classic arcade games such as asteroids, space duel, centipede, and others. The basic concept is to shoot your way through waves of asteroids, enemy ships, and other obstacles while collecting power-ups, special weapons, and achievements. A few notable features are:

  • 1080p 60fps HD game play
  • 3 retro graphics modes
  • single player, single ship mode
  • single player, linked ship mode
  • two player, individual ship mode
  • two player, linked ship mode
  • 70 levels consisting of 7 sectors of 10 levels each
  • Boss battles on the final level of each sector
  • Power-ups and Special Weapons

The Gamepad is being used solely for off-TV play. The developers plan to submit the game to Nintendo by January 31st with a release within Q1 2016.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

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