Temple of Yog update patch 1.1 releasing in February; includes bug fixes and new content!

It’s been a little over a month since we launched the First Epoch of TEMPLE OF YOG and we couldn’t be happier with the response from players across the world! Great reviews, streams, fan art, and even walkthroughs have made us a happy crew. We’re working hard on the next content release (The Second Epoch), and have great stuff in store for that, but I wanted to give you a heads up on something coming soon.

TEMPLE OF YOG version 1.1 is currently submitted for approval. This update fixes some bugs folks have found, but also introduces some great new content. We expect this to hit the Nintendo eShop mid February.

Here’s what is in store:

  • GLOBAL SCREEN SWAP: The first version of TEMPLE OF YOG only allowed Off-TV play on the Wii U GamePad while in the dungeon. We’ve extended this functionality across the board so you can view Light and Shadow realms on either screen at any time.
  • IMPROVED COLLISION DETECTION: No more wandering Wargs and sprinting Spiders climbing through hedges! This was a pretty common complaint and we’re glad to knock it out early in the release cycle.
  • SPAWN REFINEMENT: Tributes would sometimes get ambushed when teleporting into a new level or be trapped in an object or hedge. No more! The dungeon generation algorithm has been significantly improved to remove this unwanted behavior.
  • NEW ENEMY TYPE: WASP: A new flyer enemy is in the Wilderness and ready to attack: the Wasp! These pesky bugs spawn from a ground nest, which will keep generating drones until you destroy the source.
  • MORE QUESTS: We added new quests related to wasps and also made all top rank quests repeatable!
  • IMPROVED UI: Ever wonder how many points an enemy was worth? Wonder no more; we’ve added a new Boon Point display animation! Every time you collect BP you’ll know exactly how much sacrifice you’re earning. The dungeon meter has also been updates to be colorblind safe.
  • IMPROVED ENEMY AI: Think you’re safe sniping away at creatures? No longer! Enemies will now respond to your long-range bolt throwing.
  • POST-WILDERNESS TIMES: Currently, after conquering the Wilderness and entering the Age of the Plow, you can continue to fight the Guardian of the Wilderness, but defeating them a second time will lock up the save slot. This has been fixed in the new update in a pretty kickass way: once you conquer the Wilderness, you’ve truly conquered it. It will not grow back. Your tributes come in and fight at the highest rank of the zone, endlessly! See how long you can survive and bring on the high scores!
  • DUNGEON UPGRADE ROOM: This one is my favorite! There is a new room to discover where you can upgrade your tribute’s damage, movement, attack delay, and even multiply your collected boon points! All these per tribute upgrades come at a cost, though; spend boon while in the dungeon and your village misses out.

Source: CHUDCHUD Industries

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