FAST Racing NEO’s Hero Mode created for “Hardcore Science-Fiction Racing Fans”!

Fast Racing NEO is one of the hottest titles in the Wii U ‘Nindies’ section at EGX, which is currently taking place at the NEC in Birmingham in the UK. It’s the largest expo of its kind in the country, and the Shin’en Multimedia title is getting plenty of attention.

We’ve spent plenty of time with Martin Sauter, the Art Director on the project, to talk about the title and to also go hands on with the game. We’ll be sharing a full interview feature and videos very soon, but we did get into details on a new Hero Mode coming to the title. It’s going to be an unlockable available after some progress in the speed classes in the campaign, and is designed to offer a substantial challenge. Sauter told us the following.

  • It’s designed to pose a big challenge for experienced players
  • A key mechanic is switched up with the boost energy meter also functioning as a shield mode
  • Must finish first in the race to unlock the next

The boost gauge, which in normal modes simply charges for that extra charge of speed, will be tied to the craft’s shield. Though this title very much has its own identity, Sauter acknowledged the similarity to F-Zero. He said the difficulty means that progressing all the way through will suit “F-Zero-starved players”, saying the mode is “pretty close to F-Zero”.

Source: Nintendo Life

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