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Secret Items Games’ running Kickstarter for Super Paperman; 4-Player Couch Co-op for Wii U!

Super Paperman casts you as the titular Paperman, a literal paper man who delivers dreams from one person to the other. Naturally, the dream world where Paperman resides is in danger, as it begins to drift apart and leave our leading (paper) man lost in a broken land. As the sole Paperman, it’s up to you to fix the world and once again deliver dreams to the people. But maybe one isn’t enough? That’s where Super Paperman’s defining feature comes in. Four player local co-op creates an entirely different experience, adding another dimension to Super Paperman’s 2D exterior, with foreground and background elements adding an immersive depth as players race through 35 levels over 7 worlds.

Super Paperman features non-linear platforming, players can choose through multiple routes, switching between different layers to bypass enemies, use different environmental tricks, and discovering hidden areas. The game encourages to experiment with the level design, and expands on platforming from route A to B in a fun, unique way.

Source: 8-Worlds News

Secret Items Games is looking for backers to help achieve their goal of €35 000. Super Paperman is currently being planned for multiple platforms such as the Wii U. If the Kickstarter is successfully funded, the game should release sometime in March 2016.

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