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Adventure Platformer DROS is Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch!

Warsaw, Poland – May 30, 2024 — Exciting news! Developer emergeWorlds has teamed up with publisher RedDeer.Games to bring their charming PC adventure platformer, DROS, to Nintendo Switch! Explore the Alchemist’s Tower, meet its strange inhabitants, collect alchemical treasures, and discover twists around every corner. Featuring distinct levels, gorgeous art, captivating mechanics, and a variety of compelling characters, DROS is great for on-the-go handheld fun– perfect for the Nintendo Switch!

A Little Switcheroo

DROS puts you in the boots and goop of Captain and Little Dros. Switch to Captain for “big” tasks like fighting through enemies, maneuvering heavy objects, and holding down pressure plates. For smaller tasks like sliding, wiggling, and squirming into areas Captain can’t reach you switch to the small alchemical creature, Little Dros. Combine their skills and swap between characters seamlessly to solve puzzles and make your way to the top of the Alchemist’s Tower.

Interactive Dioramas

Join Captain and Little Dros as they traverse through 40 beautifully crafted diorama-like stages, each with its own challenges to keep you on your toes. Every level is packed with platforming fun, environmental puzzles, hidden rooms, alchemical collectibles, and a menagerie of enemies known as ‘Corrupted Dros’.

A Tower with Charming Inhabitants

In your journey to climb the Alchemist’s Tower, you’ll come across many strange but lovable characters. Humans and Dros alike call the Tower home and many will work to either help or hinder your efforts to stop the Alchemist.


  • Handcrafted visuals. Every little corner of the Tower has been designed with great detail.
  • Unique soundtrack. We worked with electronic pioneer Arovane to make a soundtrack that weaves through the world.
  • Explore 40 levels each with their own puzzle mechanics, enemies, hidden rooms, and platforming.
  • Body Swap between Captain, a human bounty hunter, and Little Dros, a small gooey creature.
  • Play as two very different characters with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Amass Prima and gain new abilities.
  • Odd and often charming characters to meet and talk with.
  • Narrative with humor and a bunch of heart.
  • Collect diary entries to unlock story and endings.
  • New Challenges become available after you finish the game.
  • Speedrun to find special secrets.

DROS is available now on Steam, Humble, and and will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Source: PR Email

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