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Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero Explodes July 5th onto Nintendo Switch!

2nd July, 2024: Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and Shinyuden are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero on July 5th – this week! Yes folks, it has taken us all by surprise but this ionic genre favourite is certainly not one to be overlooked!

Explosive 2D, sideways scrolling, retro action invades all consoles – PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, and  Microsoft Xbox as gamers can be a part of the bionic heroes Raita and Azuki’s challenge as they face all kinds of dangerous enemies to save humanity.

This is the first game in the series to include beat ‘em up elements (players can do small combos and enemies don’t die with a single hit). It also includes the platforming elements that are typical of the series, delivering a unique twist in the Shockman gameplay experience!

The Game’s Story

Dr. Gotokuji’s newly invented engine has been stolen by the evil B.B. Dan group! They have begun to invade the city using their cyber henchmen under the orders of their leader, the mad scientist Dr. Shen Kung! It’s up to the powerful duo of Raita and Azuki to put an end to all havoc. In this action title, you’ll go through 8 stages filled with unique enemies and big boss fights. Available officially in English for the first time digitally –  this game is easy to play but challenging to master. Grab a friend to enjoy the two-player mode to unleash powerful team attacks! Like in all the previous entries in the series, the game includes a superb 2-player co-op mode.

Attack Attack!

Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero features brand new heroes, unique stages and action and gameplay that marks it down as something really different! Players take control of either Raita or Azuki’s unique fighting techniques and beam attacks. Raita fights like a boxer using physical attacks while Azuki fights with a sword, together with some slick combo moves. On top of the normal attack, the characters can release a powerful beam attack (hold down attack button to charge).


Scrolling right way action is constant and non stop presenting a delightful challenge as you climb, jump, avoid hails of projectiles, plus fighting is intermingled with finding a successful way to avoid the hordes of flying fish and steer clear of protagonists.

The stages are full of all kinds of dangerous enemies, and at the end of each stage the heroes will have to face a powerful boss. The heroes will have to fight their way through several stages that include construction sites, museums, forests, trains and even a spaceship. Many of these stages include dangerous traps such as pits full of spikes, flying saws or hidden switches that shoot arrows when you step on them. By defeating enemies and picking up items, the player can gather points, which will allow their character to level up and increase their max energy.

Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero soon becomes strangely addictive – mind the chainsaw!


  • Platform beat ‘em up gameplay
  • 2 characters with their unique skills
  • Co-op 2-player mode
  • Image gallery from hand-made scans
  • Rewind/Forward function
  • Brand new English translation plus original Japanese text
  • Save states
  • CRT Filter

Source: PR Email

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