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First Gameplay Footage Revealed for Bye Sweet Carole!

Saint-Ouen, France, August 29th 2023 – Shown firstly on an exclusive closed door event at Gamescom 2023, Just For Games and Little Sewing Machine, in collaboration with Meangrip Studios are pleased to unveil early footage for the awaited classic-animated horrific game Bye Sweet Carole.

Bye Sweet Carole is planned for release in 2024 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

Explore early gameplay footage from Bye Sweet Carole!

This pre-alpha footage video showcases some of the first gameplay mechanics and offers a glimpse of the ambiance that Bye Sweet Carole is made of.

Note: This video reflects early footage and does not represent final product release quality: definitive assets and voice acting (in both Italian and English) will be added at a later date.

Delve into Lana’s transformation into a rabbit, where she gains the ability to interact with other rabbits, and use Lana’s rabbit form to escape from tricky situations! However, exercise caution, as the rabbit transformation renders Lana more vulnerable.

Discover Lana’s best friend: Mr. Baesie. This character possesses both offensive capabilities and the intriguing ability to morph into a smaller version of himself. While not as swift as a rabbit, his downsized form enables Mr. Baesie to manipulate objects effectively. Switch between character on-the-go and make the best use of both Mr. Baesie and Lana abilities and transformations.

A fascinating information: More than 70,000 individual hand-made frames have been made for in-game Lana’s animation!

About Bye Sweet Carole:

Bye Sweet Carole is a horrific thriller game inspired by the greatest animation movies and created by Chris Darril (Remothered series).

Be ready to jump into the world of Corolla and meet the rabbits that has infested it.

Set in the early 1900s’, young Lana Benton, urged by the terrifying Mr. Kyn, also known as “Old Hat,” finds herself catapulted into a mysterious enchanted garden to deal with menacing and disturbing creatures. After discovering a number of letters from a mysterious “french guy”, Lana decides to follow the last known trail of Carole Simmons, a girl of the same age who apparently escaped from Bunny Hall, an orphanage built in the 19th century. The building is now infested by colonies of wild rabbits able to open a dimensional portal to the realm of Corolla…

Key features:

Embark on a horrific journey through a dark tale set in the mesmerizing world of Corolla.

?  Immerse yourself in a hand-drawn universe brought to life using cinematographic techniques inspired by the greatest animated movies.

? Encounter a vibrant cast of characters, from your loyal friend M. Beasie to the malevolent owl Velenia and the terrifying M. Kyn.

? Shape-shift into a rabbit and harness your various forms to conquer the deadly challenges that await you.

Bye Sweet Carole is planned for release in 2024 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, 
Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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Bye Sweet Carole Announced For Nintendo Switch!

Saint-Ouen, France, April 18th 2023 – Just For Games is delighted to announce a new collaboration with the studio Little Sewing Machine for Chris Darril’s new project Bye Sweet Carole.

For his new project, the author of the Remothered horror series went for an art direction inspired by the greatest animation films. The stunning visuals will support the incredible adventures of the main character, Lana Benton, in her quest to uncover the truth about the mysterious Carole Simmons’ disappearance.

Bye Sweet Carole is planned for release in 2024 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

Curious players can already subscribe to the newsletter on the official Bye Sweet Carole’s website to be kept aware of upcoming communication about our title:

Source: PR Email

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