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ASTLIBRA Revision Has Arrived on Nintendo Switch!

November 16th, 2023: Today sees the release of Whisper Games and KEIZO’s action-RPG ASTLIBRA Revision on Nintendo Switch. Having previously released on Steam to great acclaim, Switch owners can now get their hands on this true epic of a title.

Solo Japan developer, KEIZO, developed ASTLIBRA Revision over an incredible 15 years, making this incredible game – it truly is a labor of love! With magnificent hand-drawn enemies to combat, 60-90 hours of play, hundreds of items to customize your character!

Explore Unfamiliar and Meticulously Crafted Worlds

Take on the role of the hero, and his bird companion, Karon, and traverse a world that’s equally brutal as it is beautiful. The story is captivating and emotional, taking players on a real rollercoaster of a journey of discovery of what happened to his childhood friend… and why.


  • Estimated play time around 60 hours
  • Shopping, exploration, long story written in chapter format, battle with huge bosses, rare equipment
  • Various reinforcement elements, exhilarating and highly flexible combat, item synthesis, etc.
  • Over 230 types of equipment, over 300 types of items, over 60 types of techniques, and over 100 types of unique effects

Source: PR Email

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