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Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Available Oct 17th for Pre-order!

Stuttgart, October 14th, 2021 – The Cotton franchise turns 30 and Strictly Limited Games is celebrating with awesome Cotton releases!

Kicking off Cotton’s 30th birthday celebrations with the pre-order start of Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 starting this week, on October 17th, 2021 at 12 AM (midnight) CEST, exclusively at the Strictly Limited Games Shop!

A packed, colorful bundle of titles bringing back the late ‘90s charm. Cotton Guardian Force Tribute comes with Cotton 2, Cotton Boomerang, and another renegade from outside of the Cotton universe – Guardian Force, to mix things up.

Cotton Boomerang & Cotton 2

Take on the mantle of Cotton or her rival Appli in Cotton Boomerang and Cotton 2, and fight through increasingly difficult stages in the dream-like world to retrieve the missing “Bluewater Willow” candy to Pumpkin Kingdom. Team up with your companions, Silk the fairy and Needle the hat, to fight against monsters and go on a challenging adventure.

Guardian Force

After the guardian dictators get invaded by evil forces, a pilot for the Battle Tanks is needed to destroy the forces and fight off enemies. Take over as a pilot and muddle through masses of enemies, hard bosses and tricky stages in Guardian Force. The fast-paced side-scrolling shooter is as intoxicating as ever, impressing with its timeless aesthetics and catchy gameplay, even 23 years after its initial release.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute is live for pre-order on October 17th in the form of a Collector’s and a Limited Edition, covering Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Collector’s Edition contains:

  • Game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4
  • Collector’s Edition Box with magnetic latch
  • Colourful Game Manual
  • Hardcover Art Book (A5)
  • Reversible Large Poster (A2)
  • 3x Arcade Flyers (A5)
  • All 3 Original Soundtracks
  • Exclusive Yunomi Cup
  • Cotton Tea Cup Figure
  • 10x Character Cards
  • Guardian Force Enamel Pin
  • 3x Marquee Stickers
  • Large sticker set

The Collector’s Edition will be available for 69,99€ limited to 2,500 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,000 copies for PlayStation 4.

The Limited Edition includes the game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 and the game manual. It will be available for 39,99€ limited to 2,500 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,000 copies for Playstation 4.

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Microids Announces the Return of the Iconic Franchise Joe & Mac!

Paris, October 14th, 2021 – Microids is pleased to reveal today the return of an iconic Japanese franchise, that has delighted a whole generation of gamers around the world, as Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja will make its grand return to consoles and PC in 2022. The French publisher continues with its strategy of developing games based on Japanese licenses, such as the previously announced Goldorak and two games based on Taito franchises.

Originally released in the early 90’s on Japanese soil as an arcade game, Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja is an arcade/platformer, playable solo or in cooperation. This new iteration of the game, developed by Mr. Nutz Studio (Toki, Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All!), will invite players to go back to the Prehistoric Age and embody Prehistoric Men, ready to do anything to save the women of their tribe.

More than a remake of the arcade version, Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja will include a handful of new features such as an original adventure mode containing brand new levels!

It’s a real honor to offer gamers the chance to rediscover these characters that marked their generation. We have full confidence in Mr. Nutz Studio to bring these little prehistoric men back to life” says Stéphane Longeard, CEO of Microids.

Tosuke Matsuoka, Data East License Producer from G-MODE Corporation, does not hide his enthusiasm about this remake: “We have full confidence in Microids and Mr. Nutz Studio capability to develop this remake of Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja. It’s a real pleasure to see these iconic video game characters revived with today’s technology. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen these two characters, and their return will delight old fans and new players alike.”

Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja will be available in 2022 on consoles and PC, more information will come soon.

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Experience Infinite Action in CRITADEL for Nintendo Switch!

SANTA ANA, California, October 13, 2021 — Nicalis, Inc. today announced that Critadel, a new 2D action game from developer Pixelian Studio, is now available on Nintendo Switch, Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In Critadel, players control one of three different protagonists, each with their own unique looks, default weapons and skill sets. Nox brings her Crewgun assault rifle, Ahnushu’s Natura weapon creates its own ammo from natural resources and Alice’s Pulse Shotgun pairs well with her android abilities.

The game’s branching paths and dynamic boss battles ensure high replayability, and the tight controls and 360° aiming cursor make it fun to blast enemies, regardless of your character’s skills and current equipment. But the real joy of Critadel lies in discovering and tinkering with the endless varieties of weapon loadouts and modifications—over 100,000 different configurations are possible, with unique weapon synergies that grant additional performance enhancements when certain items are equipped simultaneously.

Critadel is available now as a digital download on Nintendo Switch, Steam and the Epic Games Store for $19.99.

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Hoplegs will launch November 12th on Nintendo Switch!

Malmö, Sweden – October 12th, 2021 – Get ready to embark on a unique and singular journey when Hoplegs will launch on November 12th on PC and Nintendo Switch! After a few months in Early Access on Steam, the game is almost ready for prime time. Kevin Andresson works furiously to bring new game modes to its hair pulling platformer including a versus mode, a cooperative mode and more surprises!

About Hoplegs

Hoplegs is a different kind of platform game where you control your character using 4 different legs. Looks easy? Each of the four gamepad buttons where you usually jump, interact, crouch and change weapons are now your legs! Master the unique controls, and navigate through loads of developer and community-created levels (on PC)! Hoplegs is a challenging-but-fair platformer that has been described as “AWESOME and TERRIBLE all at once!” and “like getting over it, except playable” by streamers brave enough to take on the challenge.

Game Features:

  • An epic adventure with difficulty ranging from super friendly to pure insanity!
  • A co-op mode to take the difficulty to new heights!
  • A pushy versus multiplayer mode for up to 4 players
  • Create and share your most challenging levels and watch the best players struggle! (feature only available on the PC version)
  • Learn and master a skill that will be absolutely useless for the rest of your life!

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MONARK Adversaries Trailer & Release Date for Nintendo Switch!

Enemies abound between the real world and the Otherworld in MONARK! Who are your enigmatic opponents? What are their motives? And can you and your allies stand against them?

Learn more on the official website and preorder a Limited Edition while you’re at it! Ego Analysis is also available with our MONARK-inspired quiz!

Coming February 22, 2022 to PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, &  PC!

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Double Trouble in Dual Variant – Abarenbo Tengu & Zombie Nation for Nintendo Switch!

Stuttgart, October 7, 2021 – Strictly Limited Games and City Connection are pleased to announce a double pack presentation combining two game variant releases, a US and Japanese version respectively. Zombie Nation, where the player controls a giant levitating & disembodied samurai head “Namakubi”, along with Abarenbo Tengu, where the player controls a giant floating Tengu mask the “Great Tengu” in a classic single player shoot-em-up. This physical release for Nintendo Switch will be available as a Limited Edition and a Collector’s Edition for pre-order starting on October 10th, 2021 at 12 AM (midnight) CEST, only at Strictly Limited Games.

Originally released in Japan (1990 as Abarenbo Tengu) and US (1991 as Zombie Nation) for Famicon System / NES, this dual presentation is an all action intense and no holds barred blaster. The plot and setting takes place in 1999, when an alien meteor and evil entity known as “Darc Seed” crashes in the Nevada desert. Darc Seed then turns the people of the United States into wraiths (Abarenbo Tengu) or zombies (Zombie Nation). As either character – Tengu mask or the samurai head “Namakubi” – the player heads to the US to save the American people, fighting hordes of enemies and various bosses.

Four stages encompass the many tasks and objectives that lay ahead and they slightly differ depending on the version of the game. The player can destroy enemies and structures by shooting rapid-fire eyeballs, plus some other very unusual projectiles. Starting every level with a full life bar of eight units, it will soon decrease when hit, resulting in a real do-or-die scenario when the life bar gets to one unit. The player can, however, regenerate some of their energy by defeating enemies and structures and gain extra and more powerful weapons by rescuing hostages, thus staying alive longer to defeat the many hordes of enemies. Moreover, this release includes new quality of life additions, such as the Rewind, Quick Save, and Quick Load functions.

Dramatic music, various game modes and a cool cast enhance what is an experience not to be missed!

Get yourself an awesome Limited Edition or Collector’s Edition for pre-order at the Strictly Limited Games Shop.

Strictly Limited Games are releasing a physical Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition of Abarenbo Tengu & Zombie Nation for Nintendo Switch. Each edition can respectively be pre-ordered with or without a NES compatible retro cartridge, so there are four editions in total. Please note that the NES compatible cartridge will contain only Zombie Nation, not Abarenbo Tengu.

  • Limited Edition – Nintendo Switch for €29.99

  • Limited Edition bundle – Nintendo Switch bundle with retro cartridge, compatible with NES for €79.99 (NA and EU versions available)

  • Collector’s Edition – Nintendo Switch for €59.99

  • Collector’s Edition bundle – Nintendo Switch bundle with retro cartridge, compatible with NES for €109.99 (NA and EU versions available)

The Abarenbo Tengu & Zombie Nation Limited Edition is limited to 2,500 copies, while the Collector’s Edition is limited to 1,500 copies.

Pre-orders will kick off on Sunday the 10th of October at 12 AM (midnight) CEST.

Limited Edition Content:

  • LE Nintendo Switch game in case

  • Game manual

  • (+ optional NES compatible retro cartridge, when purchasing the bundle)

Collector’s Edition Content:

  • LE Nintendo Switch game in case

  • Game manual

  • Collector’s Box

  • Tengu mask figurine on stand

  • Floating head character cards

  • Large reversible poster

  • 4 post cards

  • Large decal logo sticker

  • Original game soundtrack on CD

  • (+ optional NES compatible retro cartridge, when purchasing the bundle)

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Classic Retro Shooter Gleylancer Arrives Oct 15th on Nintendo Switch!

October 6th 2021, Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is pleased to announce the digital  release date of Gleylancer coming on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch on October 15th.

Originally released in 1992 Greylancer was exclusive to the Sega Mega Drive, released only in Japan and then made an appearance worldwide on the Wii Console in 2008. With continued retro fans and community requests for its appearance on current consoles, its port, with enhancements, which include new accessibility features, translations for the cutscenes has now been completed ready for its release.

Billed as a no nonsense, single player, horizontally scrolling shooter, this is a must have for your collection.


  • Improved modes available with accessibility features and modern controls
  • Classic and deep space shoot ‘em up gameplay
  • Epic space opera with anime cutscenes
  • Option to customise the ship’s attacking power
  • Iconic retro console graphics and sound
  • Legacy 16-bit title from the 1990s!

Setting the Scene………..

The story follows Lucia, a 16-year-old star fighter pilot in the Earth Federation. A war breaks out between humans and an unknown alien race in the year 2025. Lucia’s father, Ken, a high-ranking admiral in the Federation Navy, is captured after his ship is warped out of the combat zone with 4 alien modules which have the ability of teleportation.  Lucia, heart-broken after hearing her father’s disappearance, decides to hijack the prototype fighter CSH-01-XA “GleyLancer” with the help of her friend Teim and go after her father.

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Unravel the Mysteries of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot: The First Cases on Nintendo Switch!

Paris, October 5th, 2021 – Get your little grey cells cracking! Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases is now available on PC (Steam), Xbox One consoles, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is also backward compatible on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Developed by the studio Blazing Griffin, in collaboration with Agatha Christie Limited, Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases is a detective and adventure game starring a young Hercule Poirot before he became the legendary detective we all know and love!


In his early years as a detective, a young Hercule Poirot is invited to a reception by the influential Van den Bosch family, for the announcement of their daughter’s engagement. But tensions among the guests run high as a snowstorm descends on the town, trapping everyone inside the manor. The happy event is soon marred by the murder of one of the guests! Poirot being in the right place at the right time immediately begins to investigate. What buried secrets and deadly rivalries will he uncover?

Key features:

  • (Re)discover the legendary detective in an untold crime story, by playing as Hercule Poirot at the beginning of his detective career, when he still has everything to prove.
  • Put your little grey cells to the test by using your deduction skills to connect clues together in your mindmap. The mindmap will allow you to visualise and link the elements of the case in order to draw your own conclusions… and shed light on the culprit in a surprising denouement!
  • Solve a complex murder case and find out what hides behind the deceptive appearances of the Van den Bosch family.
  • Question all the suspects and glean crucial information from them without their knowing. Pick up on all suspicious behaviour as you uncover the dark secrets and rivalries of the Belgian upper class.
  • Explore a luxurious house full of buried mysteries. Uncovering the murderer won’t be the only puzzle you’ll have to solve…

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Out Of This World Sci-fi Adventure Racer Red Goes Faster Coming To Nintendo Switch!

Tolochenaz, Switzerland – October 4th, 2021 – 110 Industries is thrilled to announce that Red Goes Faster, a sci-fi racer offering a complementary contrast between exhilarating racing and an intriguing love-triangle-infused story, is heading to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

In Red Goes Faster, players take on the role of Leon Garcia, an aspiring young racer who takes part in intergalactic races by day and explores his home planet of Keplar by night. Players will spend their time between races visiting a rich variety of establishments where they will hang out with Leon’s friends and find themselves trying to untangle a complicated love triangle.

Racing is Leon’s only way off his home planet of Keplar, a world that once seemed full of promise. Prospective colonists were promised an exciting new life complete with wellness programs, office perks, health insurance and a whole lot more by the corporations preparing to profit from the planet. Then they realised Keplar was worthless. The promises of an idyllic new life evaporated and the corporations headed back home.

Leon’s grandparents were among those that made the decision to stay, but he wants out. His road to winning the Keplar Super Trofeo will be complicated by his high school rival and his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, but he’s determined that he won’t miss his only chance to get off this rock.

“We are really excited to be bringing Red Goes Faster to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC,” said Sergei Kolobashkin, Founder and Creative Director at 110 Industries. “The mix of racing and adventure that the game offers is really bringing something new to the table and we can’t wait to share more details.”

Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Begins Dec 14th on Nintendo Switch!

Gothenburg, Sweden – October 1st, 2021 – Thunderful Publishing & Dejima are thrilled to reveal that hotly anticipated indie firefighting game Fire Girl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue will be coming to PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4  and PlayStation 5 on December 14th. Ahead of release, players will be able to see what it feels like to wield Firegirl’s trusty axe and high-powered hose first-hand during Steam’s Next Fest event between October 1st – October 7th, where a playable Firegirl demo will be available.

Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue has you take on the role of a new female fire rescue officer breathing life into a rundown local fire station. Responding to procedurally generated blazes across the city, you are called into action to try and save all the civilians (and cats!) caught in the fires in a nail-baiting 3-minute time limit. Extra time can be earned by extinguishing dastardly pyro-monsters as you chop your way through obstacles and use your hose as an improvised jetpack to boost your jump and reach otherwise inaccessible places.

Blending beautiful retro-inspired pixel art with 3D visuals that draw on the power of modern machines, Firegirl will take you on a thrilling trip across a diverse array of (burning) locations, including dense forests, lavish hotels, high-speed trains and multi-storey apartment blocks. You’ll also get to hang out at the Firehouse between missions to upgrade equipment and hire new staff to better prepare yourself for the blazing challenges ahead. As if Firegirl hasn’t already got enough on her hotplate, there’s also the question of what’s behind the spate of fires ravaging the city.

“I’m so excited for players to finally be able to get their hands on Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue on December 14th,” said Julian Ribassin, founder of Dejima. “The response to the game has been incredible so far and I’m really looking forward to introducing even more players to Firegirl via the new demo that will be available as part of Steam’s Next Fest between October 1st – 7th.”

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