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Meat Your Gristly Maker In Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine June 22nd On Nintendo Switch!

Gothenburg, Sweden – June 6th, 2023 – Thunderful, Headup and Team Meat are thrilled to announce their highly anticipated meat-mincing puzzler Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on June 22nd. The match-4 puzzler was featured on Best Indie Games Summer Showcase 2023 today, showing off the game’s unique twist that brings buzzsaws, missiles and a whole host of other deadly hazards that the nefarious Dr. Fetus has cooked up in his lab. Mean Meat Machine brings the hardcore challenge Super Meat Boy is best known for to this one-of-a-kind blend of puzzle and intense action gameplay.

The events of Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine take place right after Super Meat Boy Forever. After meticulously analyzing Meat Boy, the nefarious Dr. Fetus now has all the data he needs to create the perfect Meat Boy clone! There’s just one problem: The DNA sample he’s collected isn’t a perfect specimen, which in turn yields some…less than perfect clones. Dr. Fetus’ solution is to create a bunch of ruthless test chambers to weed out the crap clones from the good ones. The specimens start out looking nothing like Meat Boy, but over time that grotesquely lovable face that Dr. Fetus hates so much, starts to emerge. Perfect clones are just on the horizon…

Puzzle your way through familiar Super Meat Boy and Super Meat Boy Forever locations like the picturesque forest, the hospital, and salt factory with dazzling backgrounds and animations created by the original Super Meat Boy Forever artists, as well as a wonderful soundtrack by RIDICULON. There are over 100 masterfully hand-crafted levels filled with creative traps and hazards for you to beat and, if you can survive this hardcore take on a classic formula, you’ll be confronted by an epic  boss fight at the end of each world to offer the ultimate challenge.

“On June 22nd, people are going to get their mitts on Dr. Fetus’s Mean Meat Machine and kill a ton of Meat Boy clones..most likely by accident.”, said Team Meat co-founder Tommy Refenes. “People are going to have a great time trying to group clones together to create matches while dodging the obstacle hell we’ve designed for them. Match 4 puzzle games don’t normally have saws, but that’s why this game f***ing rules! Our latest weird baby is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC! I can’t wait for everyone to play it!”

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Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAX Has Landed on Nintendo Switch!

Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAX is available now on  Nintendo Switch™PS4™PS5™Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S! Coming June 2023 to PC. More details coming soon.

Soar sky-high in Raiden III x MIKADO MANIAX, an electrifying entry in the classic arcade shoot-‘em-up series! Customize your music, wallpapers, game mode, and more before launching into high-octane aerial action!

Take the pilot’s seat, and get a taste of the action by watching the Launch Trailer!

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Kuroi Tsubasa is Now Available For Nintendo Switch!

Friday June 2nd 2023: Today sees the release of Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and Blackwing Gaming’s Kuroi Tsubasa, a colourful and polished visual novel. Coming on  PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One,  Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, fans of this genre will be interested to note that the game was developed by a team who are visual novel fiends!

Feature and facts

  • 120,000 words, so around 10 hours playtime plus achievements
  • Over 50 songs, all created for this game, including several vocal tracks
  • Two music videos in-game
  • Including variations: over 50 CGs! (CG = graphic that’s not sprite + background, but a unique piece of art for a specific scene)
  • A completely new bonus chapter after the game, exclusive for the console release
  • Neat cast
  • Cool and heart warming story
  • Thoughtful interaction
  • Developed by a group who know visual novels inside out!
  • Kuroi Tsubasa is a linear visual novel with different paths to explore.

Peace & Love – A Trip to experience!

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Microids Announces Corsairs: Battle of the Caribbean For Nintendo Switch!

Paris, June 1st, 2023 – Microids is proud to announce the highly anticipated return of one of its most beloved real-time strategy franchises with Corsairs: Battle of the Caribbean. Prepare to set sail on the thrilling seas of the Caribbean in this revitalized action/adventure and strategy/management game, slated for release in 2024 on PC, as well as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

More than 20 years ago, Microids captivated players eager for strategy and piracy with Corsairs Gold, a game that allowing them to take on the role of a privateer serving England, France, or Holland, in their quest for fame and fortune.

In Corsairs: Battle of the Caribbean, the real-time strategy genre evolves within the ever-popular world of pirates. The game provides a thrilling Campaign and Adventure modes, as well as a new Skirmish mode where players will challenge AI opponents in solo play or engage in online multiplayer for up to 4 players buccaneering action.

“Corsairs holds a special place in both the genre and the history of Microids. We are dedicated to preserving its essence while introducing significant enhancements to revive this iconic franchise. We are thrilled to bring this experience to new players and to rekindle the excitement for nostalgic fans who embarked on the Corsairs adventure two decades ago.” – Elliot Grassiano – COO & DGA of Microids

About Corsairs: Battle of The Caribbean

Considered as one of the top pirate-themed strategy game series, Corsairs: Battle of the Caribbean seamlessly blends tactical combat and management elements. The new trading mechanics will require players to carefully manage their fleet to navigate trade negotiations and defend their trading positions. With the ability to upgrade ships, a treasure map system, an enhanced “Boarding” mode featuring multiple soldier classes and the participation of the Captain in battles, the game offers a deep immersive experience.

Embark on a thrilling journey through the turbulent waters of the Caribbean, commanding a formidable fleet to engage enemy ships in combat. Explore the exotic islands of the Caribbean, unravel hidden treasures, and recruit skilled crew members to strengthen your naval forces. Compete for supremacy as you align with the French, Danish, Spanish, British, or Dutch factions.

Immerse yourself in the detailed and expansive open world, teeming with possibilities, as you set sail for the ultimate pirate adventure!

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TAITO Milestones 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch!

Stuttgart, Germany – May 31st, 2023 – Fans all over the world enjoyed the addictive titles from TAITO Milestones… and now ININ Games is delighted to announce it will be publishing its highly requested follow-up, TAITO Milestones 2! Relive the spirit of these action-packed classics, and reignite the flame of TAITO’s nostalgic gems in this thrilling new compilation, exclusively for Nintendo Switch, physical and digital.

The second instalment of TAITO Milestones will include celebrated games like The NewZealand Story, Darius II (three Screen Arcade Version), Metal Black, Kiki KaiKai, and many more!

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or exploring the classics for the first time, you can’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind compilation! Physical pre-orders are now available at!

Get ready for a blast to the past – see the complete list of games included in TAITO Milestones 2!

The NewZealand Story (1988)

Embark on an adventure to save Tiki’s lover Phee-phee, and his friends who have been kidnapped by the leopard seal. Strategize using the various balloons and weapons to complete the colourful mazes by defeating enemies and using balloons to float!

Kiki Kaikai (1986)

In Kiki KaiKai, precursor of the universally beloved Pocky & Rocky, you’ll play as Shinto shrine maiden Sayo-chan and fight against Yokai across the Japanese countryside to save the kidnapped seven gods of fortune!

Darius II (3 Screen Arcade  Version) (1989)

The mysterious, intelligent creatures, Belser, that once attacked the planet Darius have begun an attack on the solar system, and the Silver Hawk pilots must go to the rescue. Travel through the stars, across planets, and beyond in this beloved action-arcade shooter! This is the very first port of the special, 3 Screen Arcade Edition of Darius II!

Gun Frontier (1990)

Set on the planet Gloria, this vertically-scrolling shooter follows the pilots of the aircraft, Desperado, as they confront the space pirates, Wild Lizard. Don’t miss out on the legendary soundtrack and the challenging, gun-themed bosses!

Ben Bero Beh (1984)

A fire broke out! Play as Dami-chan to extinguish the flames while dodging various obstacles to rescue Nao-chan! This title is jam-packed with wacky and unique characters that appear in later games– will you be able to recognize them all?

The Legend of Kage (1985)

Taking place in Japan at the end of the Edo period, you play as the Iga Ninja Kage in his battle against Yukigusa Yoshiro and his demonic army to rescue the captured Princess Kiri. Backed with an energetic and unforgettable soundtrack, journey through forests, castle walls, and mansions in this action-adventure to save the day!

Liquid Kids (Mizubaku Adventure) (1990)

Flying in on a giant pelican, play as the young hero Hippopo’ and fight to protect the peaceful Hippo country, Woody Lake, from the evil of Fire Satan. Complete with colorful graphics, adorable characters, and loads of action, this platformer promises an enjoyable time.

Solitary Fighter (1991)

In the early 1950s, fighters from all over the United States competed against each other for prizes, money, and the honor of being the “strongest.” Can the young fighter Bud take the No. 1 spot against all odds? In this updated version of “Violence Fight” choose from 6 playable characters instead of the original 4 and enjoy new features and gimmicks.

Dinorex (1992)

Set in a world ruled by the Amazons, where humans and dinosaurs coexisted, this fighting game tells the story of the dino-tamers; young men who pit their tamed dinosaurs against each other in order to win the title of Dinorex, and the hand of the much sought-after Queen of Amazonia!

Metal Black (1991)

Earth is on the verge of collapse due to invading alien forces, and this side-scrolling shooter sees you piloting the Black Fly fighter ship to take the battle to your enemies! Compete for the Newalone energy source with the invaders and defeat them with powerful laser weapons.

Attention all TAITO super fans!

For those who were with us during the release of the first legendary TAITO Milestones collection, and for those who wish they were, we’ve been busy crafting something just for you, and the countdown has begun!

So, gear up, spread the word, and keep your eyes locked on our channels for the upcoming announcement.

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DROVA Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2024!

Today, 31st of May 2023, Deck13 Spotlight and Just2D are thrilled to announce the release of an exciting and revealing ‘teaser’ gameplay trailer for DROVA – Forsaken Kin, the grim dark Pixel RPG set in a mystic celtic world.

The brutal open world will welcome new travellers in 2024 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Enslave the spirits of nature – or save them!

Welcome to the promised land of Drova, where the priests have praised this new world. Full of hope you travel through a portal into this new otherworld – just to realize that you are on your own and no one seems to appreciate the paradise. Instead, Drova is a grim world where every man is for himself.

Two factions  – one trying to enslave the spirits of nature, one trying to save the spirits to keep the world alive – which path will you choose? And, more importantly, will you be able to survive in a world which will always try to kill you?

The new Gameplay Trailer gives players the chance to take a first look at the atmospheric open world, gruesome enemies and the harsh conditions where bandits might just knock you out to rob you.  And maybe even a first look on the magic abilities players will be able to cast if they make use of the spirits of nature.

Grab your axe, sharpen your blades and explore a grim dark world when Drova – Forsaken Kin will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2024.

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Kuroi Tsubasa Lands June 2nd on Nintendo Switch!

Wednesday 31st May 2023: Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and Blackwing Gaming are excited to announce the forthcoming release of Kuroi Tsubasa, a colourful and polished graphic novel set for release on 2nd June 2023.

Launching on  PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One,  Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, fans of  this genre will be interested to note that the game was developed  by a community of gamers who had a special love of graphic novels contributing skilled artists, musicians and so on.

A graphic novel is essentially based around a strong story line and interesting cast and Kuroi Tsubasa has it all sealed up nicely. What makes this story compelling is the huge cast of characters with extremely different issues. Kuroi Tsubasa were designed in a way to be relatable for specific fears and trauma, and offer relief for those who can relate. Bullying, poverty, the crushing weight of high expectations, and so on. By discussing these topics, and finding ways to cope with them ensures the story moves forward whilst being interesting and thoughtful.

Setting the Scene

Blackwing, the central character, a literal devil, escaped from hell because his grandpa told him that the mortal realm is much nicer. However, because he is not that bright (but thinks he is), he neglected to keep his evil powers in check, which manifest as “shadow”, that possesses people and causes havoc. The shadow can only possess people with emotional problems by promising to fulfil their wishes – which then get twisted and turned dark. To keep further accidents from happening, Blackwing needs a vessel with strong positive emotions, which he finds in the form of a plushie belonging to the office worker Kureha. Blackwing and her band together on their quest to defeat the shadow and help the people in need (or so Kureha thinks, Blackwing just wants to laze around). During the story the shadow possesses various people, all of whom Kureha and Blackwing need to help. The solutions are strictly non-combat, as the shadow can only possess people with traumas and deep-seated emotional issues, so by working these out Kureha and Blackwing can cast the shadow out.

Kureha is the main heroine and second protagonist from the game. She’s an office lady in her early 20s, and gets bullied at her workplace. Her colleagues hate her, her supervisor is a mean bully, and Kureha has literally no confidence. She’s shy and timid, but also has a goofy side. After Blackwing grants her the power to transform into a magical girl, complete with a frilly dress, her life takes a sharp 180° turn. Being a magical girl grants her the ability to read the emotional state of other people, among other things.

A tangled web of intrigue

Although Kuroi Tsubasa is intrinsically linear and  there is only one ending (and one secret, unlockable ending that serves as an epilogue) there are different choices the player can make that  provide extra scenes, high quality CG art or background information about the characters. A fun example would be Tanaka’s side story.

He serves as a minor antagonist, but by choosing the correct choices over the course of the majority of the game, the player can learn much more about him, experience his failing love life, and generally laugh at his antics. This increases replayability, but for those who only want to experience one set story, the players are not forced to restart the game again and again to experience a satisfying ending.

Kuroi Tsubasa offers everything plus a lot more with its eye candy looks and  cleverly devised and interesting cast.

Feature and facts

  • 120,000 words, so around 10 hours playtime plus achievements
  • Over 50 songs, all created for this game, including several vocal tracks
  • Two music videos in-game
  • Including variations: over 50 CGs! (CG = graphic that’s not sprite + background, but a unique piece of art for a specific scene)
  • A completely new bonus chapter after the game, exclusive for the console release

Love the look! Expertise A1!

Many artists came together and worked with their unique style and skill sets. Every sprite shines and stands out from the rest. The same can be considered for the backgrounds, some have been created in blender, as fully 3d render, while others have been painted traditionally, or digitally. The huge variety, and monumental amount of different assets, make this really stand out. An interesting  quote from the team, ‘Visual novels are the facial expressions – where most novels like this have maybe a dozen faces per character, we have literally billions through clever combining of assets and posing of the characters. All of which can be easily assessed in the character viewer in-game, by the way.

Source: PR Email

Bish Bash Bots Coming To Nintendo Switch!

Edinburgh, Scotland – May 25th, 2023 – Firestoke and Catastrophic_Overload are pleased to unveil Bish Bash Bots and reveal that the game is pushing and shoving its way to PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch in 2023. Think of the mayhem and madness of Overcooked mashed up with a strategic tower defense game, lovingly crafted for couch co-op fans!

Supporting 1 – 4 players locally or online, Bish Bash Bots is a co-op party game that merges tower defense with a fun and frantic brawler. In a cartoony take on a future where machines have stolen technology from humans and are turning it against them, a team of unlikely heroes set out on a grand adventure to reset the rogue robots and save the world. With 8 vibrant and colourful biomes across 32 levels, players will have to contend with a variety of hazards such as turrets overheating in the Volcano biome to the overgrown Jungle where mutant plants may even snatch up players.

Bish Bash Bots throws its own unique twist on the traditional tower defense genre by providing more variety in gameplay. New mechanics are constantly introduced as the game progresses and waiting for actions to play out will be a thing of the past as you are always on the move, ready to defend the EMP! Get ready to build upgradable turrets, unlock gadgets and bash bots with giant hammers. An array of turrets and gadgets will allow players to mix up their strategy as they come face to face with unique robots that can be pushed, shoved and even bashed down holes!

Bish Bash Bots is a big step up for us as a studio – delving into the world of 3D, online AND releasing on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch as well as PC! Phew!”, said James Letherby, co-founder of Catastrophic_Overload. “We are super happy to be able to bring you something new and hopefully exciting. As lovers of co-op we can’t wait for you to bash some bots with your friends.”

Bish Bash Bots is shaping up for a late summer 2023 launch,” said Firestoke CEO Paul Farley. “It was one of the first games we signed when founding Firestoke and the partnership with the talented team at Catastrophic_Overload has been a lot of fun. Not only are they a super creative team, they also have a keen understanding of what players want. They’ve been able to channel their passion for the game into something that is at the same time both familiar and yet unique in the tower defense genre. Their sense of fun and innovation definitely shines through with all that Bish Bash Bots has to offer!”

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Mystical Mixing and Johnny Trigger Coming To Nintendo Switch!

On May 26th QubicGames will release Mystical Mixing and Johnny Trigger on the Nintendo Switch console.

  1. Price on release: $3.99/€3.99/ £3.59 (20% discount on start)
  2. Players can get Mystical Mixing and Johnny Trigger for $1.99/€1.99/ £ 1.79 (60% discount) if they own one of selected QubicGames titles.
  3. Both titles are available also for only $1.79 for Trove users, all information on: (promotion for North America Only)

Mystical Mixing

Pour the potion into the cauldron, throw in the clover, bone and feather, stir and voila – you have a cute Mixie!

Combine other ingredients to create Mixies with different features: winged, horned, spotted, furry… the possibilities are endless.

Let your Mixie friends explore the mysterious island, find hidden treasures, repair the magical portal and collect new ingredients to create even more adorable pets. Over time, you might even discover a way to combine Mixies with each other.

Mystical Mixing is an enchanting simulation game that will immerse you in a world of magic, alchemy and wonder. So grab your cauldron and start the adventure!

Johnny Trigger

Stylish, deadly and smooth as a billiard ball, Johnny Trigger is a man on a mission in this non-stop platform shooter game where the action never ends.

Do you have what it takes to bring down the underground world of the mafia?

“Less talk, more bullets” – that’s Johnny’s motto as he runs, jumps, spins, slides and keeps on shooting till every bad guy’s bitten the dust.

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Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless Release Date Announcement!

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless is coming to Nintendo SwitchPS4PS5, and PC on October 3, 2023 in North America!
October 6, 2023 in Europe and October 13, 2023 in Oceania.

Two unlikely allies. One unforgettable journey. The fight to free Hinomoto is about to erupt in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless!

To challenge the tyrannical Demmodore Opener and his Demonic Magistrates, Fuji and Pirilika must gather seven powerful weapons of legend. Can this uneasy alliance, threatened by clashing ideas, overcome the threats ahead?

We’ll be hosting an AMA with the director of Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless, Shunsuke Minowa, on June 7, 2023 at 1pm PDT on r/JRPG! Prepare your questions and learn all about Disgaea 7 by visiting the official website!

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