Parasol Stars Arrive July 11th on Nintendo Switch!

Berlin, 13.06.2024 – In 1991, TAITO released the third entry in its enduring Bubble Bobble series: Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III. Originally released for the PC Engine, the game followed the success of its predecessors, building on the foundations Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands laid down and continuing the story from where they left off. It quickly became a fantastic hit, later being ported to Atari ST, Amiga, Game Boy, and even NES, gaining huge popularity and its own dedicated fandom.

Some thirty-three years later, this iconic platformer is ready to land on modern consoles on July 11th for only €9,99 and can be pre-ordered for Nintendo Switch as of now. Xbox pre-orders will start on 19.06.2024. Both offers an additional 10% pre-order bonus until release! Hurry up! PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5 versions will also be out on the 11th of July 2024.


  • The triumphant return of the Bubble Bobble franchise;
  • An enigmatic ensemble of enemies, each with unique abilities (and charm);
  • 2-player mode: double the fun with Bubby and Bobby!
  • Dazzling parasols with magical powers;
  • Power-ups galore;
  • 8 worlds to save, plus 2 unlockable ones!
  • Quality-of-life options, such as save states and the ability to rewind gameplay

Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III will be released on July 11th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5, and Xbox!

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