Skeler Boy Arrives May 31st on Nintendo Switch!

28th May, 2024: Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, and Spain’s indie Manic Boy Studio, are pleased  to announce the forthcoming release on May 31st of Skeler Boy launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. A superb challenging retro arcade action  adventure  puzzler feast  with a dark and disturbing narrative at an amazing price point of 7.99 Euros.

The Story!

The story begins in a forest… A white-haired boy, Skeler, is looking for his girlfriend Megan. She has disappeared without a trace, with just a somewhat disconcerting voice message. But we do not know Megan’s motives. She left of her own free will? Did someone kidnap her? Everything is a mystery to Skeler, and he will travel many places to find out. As we progress the story will become increasingly darker and more sinister, leading Skeler to not be able to distinguish reality.

Who Me?

Skeler is a shy and reserved boy. He likes music, movies and especially spending time with his girlfriend Megan. He is a good boy who would never get into trouble and would always be willing to help you if you needed it.

In the guise of Skeler the player has to solve ingenious puzzles, investigate clues and solve problems. At some point there will be realms of action,  together with terror, where the player also has to use their ingenuity and decide if it is better to attack or hide.

Moving on!

The main objective of the game will be to find Megan, Skeler’s girlfriend, but the road will be long, and no one will help  altruistically, although you will have to help other people to get information or objects necessary to continue the search. In the game the player will meet Sven! He will accompany him throughout the process through his phone, and he will guide him and advise  on what decisions to make at some important moments. The further you go in the story, the more confidence and skills you will attain. Many skills will be learnt on your own , whilst others will be taught to you by people who will cross your path.


This is not an  adventure game but a wholesome experience! Fans of  horror movies from the 70s and 80s will empathise and instantly love the retro feel of  Skeler Boy. The developer endeavoured  to create that scary and cold atmosphere, inspired by films like The Shining and The Exorcist, with moments of tense and disturbing dialogue.

Developer talk

“Skeler’s story is very emotional, which will make your hair stand on end on several occasions, as will the voice-over of Megan and other characters.”  This is a spectacular work of which the development team are most proud, along with the fact they are  currently creating versions of Skeler Boy compatible with retro systems, Game Boy, Nes plus and are about to start the second part, Skeler boy part 2!

Added Pointers

  • Skeler Boy is an open world video game in which to discover areas and unlock places to continue.
  • The music is a very strong point, it will have moments of tension, terror and, above all, be very emotional with piano and violin songs that will leave you breathless.
  • Learn skills such as playing the flute, hiding inside a box, shooting and many more surprises.
  • Skeler Boy has a digital manga of more than 50 pages, which you can unlock as you progress through the story. With a great quality of drawing in which you can put faces to the characters and discover more details of the story

Get Ready for Something You Really Didn’t expect!

Source: PR Email

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