Geometry Survivor Blasts its Way Feb 21st onto Nintendo Switch!

February 5th, 2024 – Get ready to blast into some blistering arcade action with the latest title from Brain Seal Entertainment, Geometry Survivor, which is launching later this month on both console & PC!

Taking the popular Bullet Heaven formula and bringing it back to the neon glory days of early 80’s gaming, Geometry Survivor pits you against unyielding waves of vector based enemies. Fire off smart missiles, mega-lasers, blackholes, and more in an attempt to stop the horde, working run after run to figure out which combination of weapons will deliver the most powerful phosphor glow tinted payload. Keep those bullets firing as you spend the credits earned during your runs on new ships and upgrades, helping you survive just that little bit longer each time before having to put in another hypothetical quarter.

Geometry Survivor will launch on February 21st across Steam, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

About Geometry Survivor

Geometry Survivor is a rogue-lite auto shooter where you must survive for 20 minutes. Fight against waves of geometry ships, defeat their formations and survive the grid world.


  • One hand gameplay: Use just one hand to control the direction of your ship
  • Auto-Shooter: Your weapons fire automatically, letting you concentrate on staying alive
  • Weapons: Each run allows you to get a unique combination of weapons
  • Credits: Earn credits and permanently unlock new upgrades
  • Enemies: Enjoy the multitude of enemies each with their own AI
  • 20 minutes of intense gameplay
  • Retro visuals and music straight from the 80s
  • Delicious gameplay!

Geometry Survivor is the ultimate survival game, do not miss it!

Source: PR Email

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