TAITO Milestones 2 Brings Legendary Arcade Games to Modern Times!

Berlin, Germany – August 31, 2023 – Rediscover gaming legends with TAITO Milestones 2: a timeless collection of arcade classics available now for Nintendo Switch, both physically and digitally!

As a celebration of gaming history, this collection offers something for every type of gamer, whether you’re seeking the heart-pounding challenges of the shoot’em ups and fighters or simply looking to relive the classics. It’s not just about the games; immerse yourself in pixel-perfect graphics, fully configurable controls, including turbo buttons for certain games,  that honor the original gameplay and modern features like leaderboards and achievements, for an old-school challenge with the gems that started it all. Don’t just play games, preserve a legacy!

TAITO Milestones 2 includes:

  • The NewZealand Story (1988)
  • Kiki Kaikai (1986)
  • Darius II (3 Screen Arcade Version) (1989)
  • Gun Frontier (1990)
  • Ben Bero Beh (1984)
  • The Legend of Kage (1985)
  • Liquid Kids (Mizubaku Adventure) (1990)
  • Solitary Fighter (1991)
  • Dinorex (1992)
  • Metal Black (1991)

Price 39.99 $/Euro

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of gaming history. TAITO Milestones 2 is available now, ready to bring you back to the era where the arcades reigned supreme.

And for everyone who has already got to experience the first TAITO Milestones, ININ prepared a few bundle options that will allow you to expand your personal arcade collection, as often before, available through their partner store Strictly Limited Games. Twenty games, each representing a specific breakthrough in the development and gaming history and spanning a variety of genres. Platform, sports, shooting, puzzle and more. All will be available to you on Nintendo Switch!

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