Gastro Force Arrives on Nintendo Switch!

September 1st,  2023: Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, and dual indie developers Somepx/Ferando Araujo, are excited to announce the release today, 1st September 2023, of Gastro Force – an exciting and explosive action FPS where the player takes on the role of last soldier standing from a highly specialised unit.

Released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One,  Xbox Series S/X, PC Steam  and Nintendo Switch, being a highly trained and elite trooper you’re trained to kill and your task is to infiltrate the enormous underground, ‘gut’ sanctuary and win the day!

Setting the Scene

Space colonies have to face a massive threat to their existence: gargantuan aliens from an eldritch nebula invade our galaxy, and their only instinct is to eat and digest whole starships!  Thanks to the sacrifice of your comrades, only one station-swallowing alien monstrosity has to be vanquished. It’s up to you to set up the bomb that will blast it out of existence, but will you survive the endless swarms?


The process begins as you navigate your way through each level, initially taking on weak enemies with a dash ability for faster movement and simple weapons. As you progress, foes become stronger, along with your arsenal. Triggering buttons to open passages, locate key cards for specific doors, conserving your ammo, gathering health items, collecting superior new weapons, and confronting traps like collapsing floors, explosive barrels, and hidden passages is all part of the ongoing scenario and sequence to success.

Seek and exterminate – Facing Danger

There are 3 large and action-packed different areas, each with different traps and enemies, and the scenery becomes increasingly ravaged in its aesthetic.

An immense and varied amount of detail, alien enemies, plus explosive action is stacked up for the player to face from an egg spawning  crawling alien,  a floating and shooting alien, and a larger alien with more health that shoots to kill, to facing tricky level bosses. Colour coded key cards, hidden ceilings, gastric liquid filling corridors, crushing walls, explosive lasers – an endless list of inventive and killer strategies that you must overcome. Staying alive, let alone in one piece, isn’t easy!

Quotes from the developers

Somepx/Fernando, “We tried to recreate a classic ‘boomer shooter’ experience.  We also aimed to recreate the experience we had with games from that era, I’ve always been a gaming enthusiast.”

“Served up to an audience that enjoyed retro FPS games from the 90s, seeking a nostalgic experience without replaying those old games for the umpteenth time.”

A true nostalgic experience that hits the mark!

Source: PR Email

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