Mysterious Visual Novel “Death Becomes You” Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Friday August 4th, 2023: Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, and Quill Game Studios, are proud to announce that Death Becomes You, a colourful and polished visual novel is released today on  PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series S|X,  and Nintendo Switch.

The premise is simple – find out who killed your best friend. However, you must find out the truth before four suspects frame you for the crime instead! Death Becomes You is a mystery visual novel where you untangle the dark secrets of your fellow magic university students.

Introducing the cast

Sidney is a 1st year student at the Ira Royal Academy, and Lyra was her best friend and mentor. When the latter is found dead, she decides to investigate to find out who might have murdered her.

Was it you!?

Daniella is a 3rd year student and is the vice head mentor at the Ira Royal academy. She specalises in Transmutation, and is rumoured that she can turn underperforming mentees into crystal statues.

Apolline is a rare magic user skilled at two specialisations – Enchantment and Elemental magic,

Alice specialises in Elemental magic. She openly dislikes Lyra, who was Sophie’s


Sophie specalisies in Psychokinesis and is known as a prodigy being able to control not just objects but pure energy.

What to do!

There are multiple choices presented throughout the story, where you have to choose which suspect that Sidney investigates and learns more about. Each suspect has associated endings, depending on Sidney’s actions, these include earlier “dead endings” where you get Sidney killed! If you can make all the right choices, you can find out the complete truth. But don’t worry, the “dead endings” will help steer you toward the right direction, so they won’t be in vain!


  • Replayability – multiple routes to unlock more and more of the truth.
  • Characters with complicated motives and interpersonal history.
  • 4 character route
  • 10+ endings (plenty of bad ends).
  • ~77,000 words!

Source: PR Email

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