Ratalaika’s Garlic, the Precision Platformer, is Out Today on Nintendo Switch!

Friday 7th July, 2023 – Today sees the release of Garlic, an precision-platformer, published by Ratalaika Games and from France indie developer Sylph!

The premise is simple!

Garlic presents itself as a simple and unpretentious game with endless challenges. However, our onion headed hero faces many arduous foes and dangers, whilst platforming his way to the top of the Sacred Tower to meet with the Cyber Goddess!

Complemented with a compendium of mini-games, 12 zones, each containing nine levels, plus one special boss, marks this as one feast of action. Garlic coins, tons of enemies with some neat variations of environments for each zone keeps interest high, reactions sharp and skills to the max.

About Garlic

As a precision platformer game, this game features an eight direction dash, but also a super dash you can perform by slamming floors, walls, and even ceilings !! Allow you to do some crazy moves but it’s pretty dangerous. Use it wisely!

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