Charming Oceanic Adventure Sail Forth Launches Today on Nintendo Switch!

I’ve got exciting news about our beautiful sailing adventure game, Sail Forth! Our quirky, breathtaking sailing adventure game Sail Forth just released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Steam, and Epic Games Store!

After waking in the middle of the ocean with no memories, tie together debris to create a makeshift sailboat and figure out what the heck happened. Master semi-realistic wind sailing physics to chart unknown waters, welcome aboard stat-enhancing crewmates, and grow your flimsy dingy into a fully-fledged fleet throughout a charming heartfelt journey to save the world. Discover island environments and challenge landlubbers to a variety of minigames including boat racing, target shooting, card games, fishing, and photo collecting.


  • Semi-realistic sailing physics designed to excite naval enthusiasts while also remaining deeply accessible to everyone.
  • A world of exploration with six unique biomes bursting with their own flora, fauna, friendly folk, and fearsome foes.
  • Full fleet management and modification to face off against the toughest privateers this side of the Eclipside.
  • A multitude of minigames, from fishing to photo collecting, a “Blowfish” card game, target shooting, racing, and more.

Source: PR Email

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