ENDER LILIES Launches June 22nd for Nintendo Switch!

TOKYO – April 14, 2021 – As announced today in Nintendo’s Indie World showcase, ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights, the dark fantasy metroidvania fairy tale from publisher Binary Haze Interactive, will come to Nintendo Switch™ alongside its launch out of Steam Early Access for Windows PC on Tuesday, June 22.

Developers Live Wire, Adglobe Tokyo and Adglobe Montreal Studio will release ENDER LILIES on PlayStation 5™ via backwards compatibility with the native PlayStation 4™ app on Tuesday, July 6, with Xbox Series X|S™ and Xbox One™ versions to come later at a time to be announced. All console releases will include the five new areas coming to PC in the v1.0 update, bringing the total up to eight and unveiling a dramatic conclusion to the gripping narrative.

Priestess Lily awakens in a church only to find the surrounding hamlet and woods overrun by the undead. Guide her through the kingdom of Land’s End, illustrated in a Japanese dark fantasy aesthetic, to purify the blight brought on by a cursed rain.

Bring challenging bosses including brutally strong club wielders and bullet hell magic users to their knees. Exorcise them of the blight to receive visions of the past and recruit them as equippable companion spirits. Mix and match their souls to create a ghostly bodyguard squad capable of overcoming any obstacles so Lily can find the source of the rain of death and free Land’s End from its plight.

The soundtrack, which features hauntingly melancholy music from Mili, the group behind tracks for anime shows such as Ghost in the Shell and Goblin Slayer as well as rhythm games with millions of fans like Cytus and Deemo, will come to streaming services Spotify and Apple Music, purchase-once storefronts iTunes and Amazon Music, and Steam as a DLC in 2021.

“Early Access users are in love with the soundtrack and have clamored to see the ending of ENDER LILIES. We hope they will enjoy the rest of Lily’s journey,” said Hiroyuki Kobayashi, CEO, Binary Haze Interactive. “Between feedback from players, our action-packed gameplay, and the beautiful atmosphere created by Mili’s music and our artists, ENDER LILIES will satisfy existing metroidvania fans while bringing new ones into the fold.”

Purchase ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights on Steam in Early Access right now for $19.99 USD / 19,99€ Euros / £15.49 GBP / ¥70 CNY. The price will rise to $24.99 USD / 24,99€ Euros / £21.99 GBP / ¥128 CNY when v1.0 launches.

Enjoy the story in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish (Spain), Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), or Russian.

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