Space Otter Charlie Launches March 18th on Nintendo Switch!

We can’t wait to take this intergalactic adventure with all of you! Charlie and his crew of otternauts need your help to find a planet suitable for all the animals left behind from humanity’s grand exodus. In Space Otter Charlie you’ll shoot, slide, and jetpack your way through all sorts of obstacles – but watch out for ARES! That’s the Anti Rodent Elimination System trying to keep you from scavenging all the parts you need. It’s not all mechanical menaces blocking your way, you’ll need to dodge debris, exposed wiring, and dangerous jets of flame to build up an arsenal worthy of your adventures. Lazors, shark suits, and more are available with the help of your buddy Build Bot – so make sure you grab all the junk you can find! Space Otter Charlie is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and will be available March 18th for $14.99 USD on Nintendo Switch.

Here’s what Studio Head Ed Allard of Wayward Distractions had to say about creating Space Otter Charlie:

“While I was playing around with zero-g prototypes, the fluid motion reminded me of Feeding Frenzy, which was the first game I created like a hundred years ago. I’m not the first person to realize this connection – NASA trains astronauts for spacewalks under water. I started thinking that sea creatures could probably adapt more quickly to the strangeness of Zero-G than humans could. Blend that realization with a zero-g game prototype and a long time love of sea otters, and you’ve got Space Otter Charlie.”

Unique Features

  • Use all your abilities to pull off trick shots and damage enemies
  • “Swim” as an otter through zero gravity and jetpack through dangerous new areas
  • Enjoy local multiplayer modes with up to 3 friends
  • Craft new weapons, upgrades, and wacky spacesuits to help you tackle puzzles and enemies
  • Learn more about your furry friends with fun facts as you explore

I can’t wait for you to join us in orbit, let’s go for a swim in zero gravity!

Source: PR Email

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