Sail Forth is coming to Nintendo Switch Later This Year!

Meet the Kreb!

It’s Blake Dove from the Quantum Astrophysicists Guild here, back with another exciting update from Sail Forth! Normally I’d do my best to describe this upcoming sailing adventure but I thought you’d like to hear it from the award-winning writer Don Thacker:

An Advance Note

In Sail Forth, the incoming high-seas adventure from David Evans Games / Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, you’ll take to the waves of a mysterious ocean world packed to brimming with roaring action, hilarious characters and near-endless opportunities to–

Catch a Bellow Into High Adventure!

To waters! To daggerboard! To canister! To coast! You’ll captain a crew from bespoke ship to budding flotilla to gargant custom fleet in a campaign of discovery amok with ridiculous wildlife, exotic locales and a weirdly persistent pirate threat.

Manage your armament, kit out your vesselry and make wild to waves with the best biffin’ deckhands and spinnaker riggers this way from anchor! While galavanting the Deepblue, you’ll often find yourself bow to barrels with oddballs, odd jobs and oddities alike! It might be you find a wayward sailor eager to race you for treasure, or a Skull Clan outpost gearing to loose roundball at the first sign of a boat like your own!

Maybe you find yourself wrung up into a fleet battle or a ships’ duel or a privateer boarding or a–

Avast! A Giant Enemy Kreb!

This goliath snap-nasty was riled to fighting by the antics of the one Belton Skullduggar; captain of what used to be a ship called Ramknuckle a’fore it were smashed to sticks by this raging Island Crested Crustacean!

Dodge ship-seeking Krebubbles and weather volleys of vicious carapace cracking Porcuspines! Fire all guns! Blast through its defenses! Expose the belly of the beast and dislodge the enigmatic glowing DEADROCK lodged therein.

There’s Power in the Glow

Skullduggar wants that DEADROCK. He reckons it’s what turned that Kreb into a giant into an island into a monster.

Will you give it to him? Will you take the DEADROCK for yourself and leave him to sea? Will you ask him to join your crew?

It’s your choice, as you Sail Forth!

Unique features:

  • Explore the sea, jumping from ship to ship – you’ll need to stay on your toes in the Deepblue
  • Deep customization for all ships; change the boat’s color, use custom sails, and pick your crew
  • Navigate a rich world with an immersive atmosphere and soundtrack
  • True to life realistic sailing physics presented with user-friendly, accessible controls

Source: PR Email

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