Death Tales Launches Today on Nintendo Switch!

Los Angeles, December 3, 2020 – Arcade Distillery are thrilled to be bringing Death Tales, the new action RPG follow-up to Plague Road and War Theatre to the Nintendo Switch today! The new adventure is now available for purchase on the Nintendo e-shop, with a 40% launch discount in the U.S., Canada and Mexico that will run until December 23rd.

Arcade Distillery are also very pleased to announce that Death Tales will be coming to PlayStation 5 in late January 2021, with a limited physical release planned for later in the year.

About Death Tales

Embark on an epic adventure, playing as a new reaper of death gone rogue! Protect your harbinger of doom with cool equipment and deadly spells. You can learn powerful attacks, perfect for shuffling your enemies off this mortal coil. Complete quests for a cast of quirky characters, who will force you to make difficult choices in this grim yet richly illustrated 2D world. Play alone or with a friend in local co-op and serve up a buffet of death upon your enemies together!

Game Features:

  • Over 40 pieces of equipment for you to acquire to customize your Reaper and aid in battle!
  • Find equipment in a variety of well-hidden chests, or use the souls you collect as currency to buy items from the local vendor, Fiona.
  • Mix and match armor and harness the power of the unique skills such as fireballs, the ability to freeze enemies, angel wings allowing you to glide to safety, summon meteors from the sky, and even stampeding unicorns!
  • Join forces with a friend locally. While in local co-op, Player 2 controls Spaura, the Reaper’s Soul Bearer. Online co-op will be coming after launch, players can play as their own customized Reaper.

Source: PR Email

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