New HyperBrawl Tournament video introduces players to the HyperVerse!

Liverpool, United Kingdom, September 30th 2020 – Independent developer Milky Tea Studios revealed a new Introduction to the HyperVerse video, detailing the lore, heroes, and core gameplay you’ll engage in as you seek to become the greatest hero in the universe in HyperBrawl Tournament, coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on October 20th.

This video delves into the lore of HyperBrawl Tournament as an ancient society of druids holds a contest to seek out the champion of the universe. You’ll choose from one of three classes of heroes. There’s the Swift class, which is fast and agile, but lacks endurance; the hulking Tank class, which can take and dish out the most damage at the expense of speed; and the Core class, which represents jack-of-all-trades heroes.

Each Hero comes with their own unique arena tied to their homeworld, offering a glimpse at their history and culture. Every arena is different, offering unique shapes and obstacles that require varied strategies to adapt to. You’ll have to master the HyperCurve to change the trajectory of your shots to take full advantage of each stage’s unique layout. But don’t forget to channel the HyperForce to power up your offensive capabilities to launch your opponents out of the arena.

You’ll earn a huge host of cosmetic rewards and accolades by completing challenges. These range from conquering stages in the Campaign Mode across several difficulties, to accomplishing win streaks in the online multiplayer modes.

HyperBrawl Tournament offers an unprecedent degree of depth as you assemble a team of two heroes from three classes and arm them with unique weapons to make for an entirely unique playstyle. With 12 heroes to choose from and eight cosmic weapons to equip, there are over 4,000 unique ways to customize your characters. Play against the AI in the fully fleshed out single-player campaign, or face off against up to three other players in the quickmatch Arcade mode or the more competitive online Blitz mode, complete with its own global leaderboards.

HyperBrawl Tournament is an incredibly deep game with multiple layers of strategy and variety, but we wanted to make sure that its core gameplay is easy to understand and get right into,” said Jonathan Holmes, Founder & Studio Director of Milky Tea. “That’s why we made this video to give people an overview of how it all works in a brisk five minutes. We’re excited for people to start playing around with all the heroes, weapons, and arenas that we’ve spent years fine-tuning when HyperBrawl Tournament launches on October 20th.

Source: PR Email

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