Narrative Driven RPG – Wintermoor Tactics Club is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Baltimore, MD – Sept 10th, 2020 – Independent developer EVC in partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil are excited to announce that their narrative-driven tactics RPG Wintermoor Tactics Club is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch following its critically well received launch on PC via Steam,, and

Wintermoor Tactics Club is a narrative-driven tactics RPG married with visual novel elements. You play as Alicia, one of the members of the Wintermoor Academy Tactics Club, where students play the premier tabletop game of the time, Curses & Catacombs. A mandatory snowball tournament between all of the clubs is announced by the Principal and each losing club is disbanded. Now you and your friends need to use your tactical skills to fight rival clubs, while also exploring the school and investigating the Principal’s true motivations for the tournament.

Perfect for both veteran tactics gamers and for new players who like the idea of tactics games but don’t know where to start, Wintermoor Tactics Club brings an easy going and light-hearted sense of humor to RPG adventure. Players can delve into the mystery of the clubs as they wage fantasy battles, spy on rival clubs and make new friends through the course of the story.

As much as it is an RPG, Wintermoor Tactics Club tells a story about the importance (and challenges) of inclusivity, it’s designed to have a warm and inviting feel. Inspired by the concept of ‘hygge’, the gameplay is streamlined and accessible, while the art, music, and writing create a cozy space. Even when it deals with serious conflicts and grand fantasy battles, Wintermoor is designed to feel like curling up with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa on a winter night.

“Bringing great player experiences to new audiences has always been our passion as a publisher, so I’m thrilled that we’re helping to bring such a well-received and heartfelt RPG like Wintermoor Tactics Club to console”. Said Steve Escalante, Versus Evil General Manager.”Titles like this are rare indie gems, they deal with the complexities we face in our daily lives and wrap it into a beautifully told, cozy RPG we can all embrace.” He added.

With dozens of unlockable upgrades and seven playable characters across 40 battles, players get to test their strategic mettle against a host of different characters while writing tabletop campaigns and crafting adventures. Wrapped in a charming narrative, the game explores the intimate relationships and personal stories behind Wintermoor’s mix of colorful characters.

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