Farm, Craft, and Explore the Tropical Archipelago of Summer in Mara This Spring on Switch!

Valencia, Spain – March 17, 2020 – Summer in Mara is set to launch very soon, as Chibig unveiled a brand new trailer during today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase! Nintendo Switch players will get first access to the game on consoles this Spring, with a simultaneous PC release, followed by PS4 and Xbox One launches later this year.

The new trailer shown today gives players a glimpse into the life of Koa, a young adventurer who wants to explore the world that lies offshore. Players will be able to farm and craft on their home island while also setting off to sea to explore the vast tropical archipelago of Summer in Mara, learning and growing with Koa along the way.

Summer in Mara is a mix of farming simulation and story-based adventure rolled into one as players will visit new islands, make new friends, and learn more about the evil corporation Elit, which wants to conquer Mara. As Koa, Chibig wants players to feel like they’re exploring the world of Mara to make it a better place. Character development is a huge focus for the team, and this is reflected in the care put into the friends met, and the anecdotes of their travels.

Summer In Mara features over 30 hours of playtime with 250+ missions to set off on and 20+ characters to meet and befriend. Along with a host of upgrades, secrets, and treasure to find, Summer in Mara is set to deliver a wholesome and fun experience for all ages.

Source: PR Email

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