Jamestown+ Showers Colonial Mars with Bullets on Nintendo Switch in Q4 2019!

PHILADELPHIA — Aug. 1. 2019 — Jamestown+, the beloved top-down 4-player retro shooter set on British Colonial Mars from Final Form Games, will be available on Nintendo Switch™ and PC via Steam Q4 2019. All updates and improvements will also come as a free update to the PlayStation®4 version.

Sir Walter Raleigh has been sentenced to death in the Tower of London. In hopes of securing absolution for his “crimes” by solving the mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, Raleigh flees to 17th-century British Colonial Mars. Board his Conveyance, a rocket-sled equipped with dreadful munitions, and set course for Britain’s well-known Martian colony — Jamestown. Guide Sir Raleigh on his journey to take down the deranged, power-hungry Conquistador and his armies of deadly robots and bizarre Martian warriors – and help him learn to fight for a cause bigger than himself.

Journey across Mars and its moons, Phobos and Deimos, alongside up to three friends (via couch co-op) in classic shoot ‘em up battles. Jamestown+ was carefully crafted to be accessible to anyone, with a wide variety of difficulties meticulously designed to offer engaging challenges for players of all skill levels, not just die-hard shoot ‘em up fans.

Players only need three buttons: Fire for basic attacks, Special for powerful weapons, and Vaunt for a bullet-eating, score-amplifying shield. Enemies drop gold when defeated that charge the Vaunt meter. Learn to take advantage of the shield and send your team’s score soaring into ever-greater heights.

Coordinate attacks by choosing from 8 ships with powerful weapons, ranging from the simple, yet powerful Beam to the powerful homing missile fusillades of Treason. Tinker with three additional Armada ships to create one of 36 customizations to fend off the Martian hordes however you see fit. Unlock these ships with gold plundered from the Conquistador’s army.

Bullets and enemies are easy to see and defend against thanks to beautifully hand-crafted retro artwork, making Jamestown+’s bullet hell action more like a bullet heaven. There’s something for everyone, including 20 unlockable challenge levels, 5 difficulties, and an emotionally-stirring orchestral score that perfectly complements the Colonists’ plight.

“Jamestown is and was a heartfelt labor of love, and our vision was always that of friends or family playing together in the same room”, said Tim Ambrogi co-founder of Final Form Games. “Now PC, Switch, and PlayStation 4 players will all have the chance to experience Jamestown the way we originally intended.”

Jamestown+ comes to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam Q4 2019. The game will be available for pre-order on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $17.99. The PlayStation 4 version will receive the same updates when the Switch and PC versions launch.

Source: PR Email

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