Space War Arena Gets All-New 1v1 Online Multiplayer Update and Major Sale for Switch!

Independent developer Playchemy today announced Space War Arena has added all-new online multiplayer for exciting 1v1 matches that include an endless war leaderboard so players can see how they rank across the galaxy.

Additionally, Space War Arena is now on sale for a limited time at an incredible discount of $1.49 on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop online store.

“We’ve wanted to add 1v1 online multiplayer since we first started developing Space War Arena and now, we’re excited to bring that to players,” said Ed Annunziata, CEO of Playchemy and Creator of Ecco the Dolphin. “Not only are we adding multiplayer but we’re kicking it off with a huge 90% off sale. So, hop on and come check it out and hopefully we’ll see you on the top of the leaderboard.”

Space War Arena launched earlier this year on Nintendo Switch and features relentlessly fast-paced strategic space battles with custom deck building that make for fun and deeply tactical gameplay.

Key Features:

Epic Space Battles – Enter a universe of exciting real-time space battles that are accessible, but deeply strategic. Think quickly and deploy the right units at the right time, manipulating their launch trajectories for added tactical depth.

Deck Building – Mix and match over 30 types of units and experiment with different play styles as you progress and take your squadrons into battle. Deal out and deal with nimble fighters, sweeping lasers, drone factories and atomic warheads.

Solo Campaign – Liberate the galaxy in pitched battle against AI masterminds. A solo campaign pits you against a variety of configurations and scenarios, charging would-be commanders to upgrade their fleets and become masters of all they behold.

About Space War Arena

Starship combat on a grand scale has never been this addictive or accessible. Direct the tides of war in lightning fast strategic battles and unleash astonishing arsenals against opposing fleets to destroy their bases and claim their space. Space War Arena is a unique homage to the original videogame. Build an armada from 30 different types of evolving units, unleash your cunning, adapt to the enemy, and command your fleet in epic AI encounters or vicious same-screen and online 1v1 multiplayer. Engage!

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