TikiPOD’s IRON Crypticle opens its doors Feb 13th on Nintendo Switch!

IRON CRYPTICLE is a fun arcade twin-stick dungeon shooter with RPG elements! It’s like Smash TV mixed with Bubble Bobbles cryptic item collection systems, placed within a medieval Ghosts and Goblins style setting!

A mysterious, malevolent force appears to have abducted Cryptonia’s princess – along with the king’s royal golden treasures (shaped curiously like large foodstuffs…). The washed-up kingsguard must leap into action and plunge down into the ancient magical crypts on a rescue mission!

Upgrade your abilities, choose your route through different room types carefully, shop for items at the cat merchant. Gobble food and grab treasure to increase XP, unlock new weapons and magical items, visit the arcades to earn extra shopping money.

Play solo or with up to 4 players local CO-OP!

Game releases on 13th February 2019. Pre-order from 30th January 2019 with a 10% price discount.

Source: PR Email

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