Intragames Bringing Action RPG, Super Cane Magic Zero, To Nintendo Switch!

Intragames (Bae Sang Chan, CEO) have co-operated with Studio Evil (Luca Marchetti, CEO) to announce the official release of Nintendo Switch, a Comedy Action RPG game Super Cane Magic Zero, Globally. PS4, PC version will also be released by Studio evil on the same date.

“Super Cane Magic Zero” is a game based on the adventure of guys to save WOTF world in danger, inspired by the creations of the Italian comic book artist Sio. All the arts in the game are hand-drawn, and the dungeons are both hand crafted and randomly generated depending on the game area. Any objects can be thrown or eaten. In addition, there is a PvP Arena to compete each other to see who the winner is on the stage.

There are plenty of equipment and clothing in the game, and more characters get unlocked while proceeding the game. There is also a skill tree to customize characters to suit your taste. It is one of the charm of “Super Cane Magic Zero” with grand contents which brings great joy and fun throughout the game play.

Intragames will be exhibiting the demo version of “Super Cane Magic Zero” on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2018 Tokyo Game Show for the first time. It
provides Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English subtitles and the location is General Exhibition Area Hall 3 C15.

Source: PR Email

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