Crush Your Enemies Arrives this August on Nintendo Switch!

July 19, 2018 — Calling all barbarians: Crush Your Enemies, the downright barbaric RTS from Vile Monarch, is launching on Nintendo Switch on August 2, 2018. Get ready to launch hilarious and deadly plans of attack in this retro strategy title from the comfort of home, the bus, the cabin, or just about anywhere you can think of.

Crush Your Enemies recalls the awesome strategy games of olde while doing away with longwinded, hour-long skirmishes. Choose your units, manage resources, take enemy territory, and outwit your oaf-like opponents in exciting, fast-paced matches. Amidst the action, each level is packed with a variety of deep strategic options for you to explore and exploit in true barbaric fashion.

Game Features:

  • Super simple controls: Despite the depth of its systems, the game can be controlled even with one Joy-Con™
  • Epic Single-Player campaign: The game features hours of strategic single-player goodness
  • Online and local multiplayer: Play against your friends and loved ones. The battle never has to end!
  • Weird Boss Battles: Have you ever battled a Giant Death Snail that has a passion for head-butting? No? What are you waiting for!?
  • Story filled with Naughty Humour: So your momma won’t mistake the game for her favourite Medieval Village Clickfest!

Get ready to plunder, impale, drink beer, and be the best barbarian you can be on August 2, 2018 on Nintendo Switch!

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