Flying Tiger’s Johnny Turbo’s Arcade releases the 1990’s arcade classic, Super Burger Time, for Nintendo Switch!


Los Angeles, CA – May 15th,  2018 – Flying Tiger Entertainment presents the Japanese arcade hit, Super Burger Time.  This is the fourth action game released from Johnny Turbo’s Arcade featuring classics by Data East.

Super Burger Time is a sequel to the original hit 80’s Burger Time Classic game with updated graphics and game play with 2-player competitive Co-Op play action. You’ll play as Peter Pepper Jr. and complete burgers, but will you need to watch out for Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg and the dangerous Mr. Pickle and many more new enemies.

This time you have help with your Brother. Pick up the power ups Spatula, Frying Pan,  and tame those burgers.

  • 2x the fun
  • Great Power-up’s
  • 2 players Co-op
  • Larger Playfield

You’ve got to complete the BURGERS to win!

Super Burger Time: Use your Spatula, Pepper and Frying pan and Rule the Burger Kingdom!

Source: PR Email

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