Motion Twin Announces Dead Cells Full Release on PC Planned for August 2018!

BORDEAUX, France (May 9, 2018) — Motion Twin is thrilled to announce that Dead Cells will be leaving Steam Early Access in August of 2018.

Today’s update brings us one step closer to leaving beta and bringing the complete, polished Dead Cells experience to PC and Console.

“With the seventh update rolling out on Early Access, Dead Cells is very close to being content complete, the lore being the last piece of the puzzle we’re working on for launch day. Although version 1.0 definitely won’t be the end, as we’ve already promised one major free DLC to the community that made all of this possible.”
—Steve Filby, Producer at Motion Twin

“The Baguette Update” brings a major rework to the core game, which includes a complete overhaul of the item upgrade system “The Forge”, legendary item drops, new ways to customize items, a revamped UI and the kind of polish you expect from a finished game.

Dead Cells is currently available in Early Access on Steam and for $19.99 USD or the Razer Game Store at 33% off for a limited time. With the release out of Early Access, the price is likely to be increased one last time.

Source: PR Email

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