Flying Tiger’s Johnny Turbo’s arcade, Sly Spy, releases May 3rd on Nintendo Switch!

Los Angeles, CA – May 1st, 2018 – Flying Tiger Entertainment presents the arcade hit, Sly Spy, The third action game release, from Johnny Turbo’s Arcade featuring classics by Data East.

Launching May 3rd, 2018 for $7.99 in Americas, and May 12th in European territories.

Listening to the world’s desperate plea for freedom and hoping to protect those he loves most, Sly jumps from a plane towards Washington D.C., and begins his campaign to prevent the terrorists from infiltrating not only the city, but several spots in the U.S., and must also prevent a nuclear missile from launching and striking the Earth.

Secret Agent: Use your jetpack and the golden gun and save the world from Evil.

Source: PR Email

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