Dandara landing on Nintendo Switch in February of 2018!

Dandara made quite the splash when we revealed it earlier this year as part of the Nintendo Switch Nindies showcase. Since then, we’ve taken her on journey around the world to show the game off to the public, and dev studio Long Hat House traveled to Sweden over the summer to participate in Stugan (a fantastic indie game incubator) and fine-tune the experience even further.

Long Hat House have kept their heads down while putting the finishing touches on Dandara and we’re proud to finally say the game is content complete! Or if you want to use that old term “Gold Master” then you could say it that way, too. Dandara launches in February 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android. That’s a lot of platforms! We couldn’t get it to work on an Amiga though. Next time, Amiga fam.

Though Dandara is complete, it just needs to get through all the usual certification processes to get it ready for release on various platforms. While that’s happening, the wonderful dev team from Belo Horizonte (fun fact: Belo Horizonte translates to “beautiful horizon” and it’s true) are working on additional content that will be released for Dandara later on in 2018. And yup, that DLC will be free.

Source: Official Email Release

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