Poncho designer provides new game details; aiming for a $15 price tag!

  • Explore this 2D world by moving in 3D parallax layers. A wall is blocking your path? You can go in front it. There’s treasure off in the background, far away In the distance? You can go there at the touch of a button. The world of Poncho has no limits on the Z plane…
  • There are no levels in Poncho. You wake up in the centre of the game, and choose to go any way you want. With no hand holding to tell you where to go, it’s up to you to choose the right path. The Maker is out there somewhere…
  • Interact with every little creature. Every area is filled with randomly generated ecosystems of creatures, all co-existing and reacting to every movement Poncho makes.

Source: Poncho Official Site

After reading about Poncho and watching the video, I was interested to find out more about this game. I love puzzle-platformers and the site left me with some unanswered questions about the game. After emailing Delve Interactive for further details, here’s what I got back:

1. Are you still on track for a September release on the Wii U? If so, do you have a confirmed date?

We don’t have a confirmed date just yet, we have an ambition to release on all platforms at the same time, so we’re just going through the approval process with each console right now. We’re definitely releasing before winter arrives though.

2. Have you decided on a selling price?

Poncho will be available for roughly $15

3. Will the game provide any kind of upgrade / item system to help Poncho solve puzzles and find his father?

Yes, there are unlockable abilities and a shop where you can buy keys to access new areas of the game.

4. Are there multiple endings to the game based on the path you take to find your father?

Yes, Poncho does indeed have multiple endings!

5. Are there any enemies / bosses or does the game focus strictly on exploration & puzzle solving?

No, there aren’t any enemies. Believe me, the game is challenging enough already! It’s a mix of exploration, puzzles and the occasional hardcore platforming areas.

6. What do you anticipate to be the average play-through time for your game?

This is probably about 4-5 hours, though since the game is kinda open world, it’s not likely you’ll see everything in a playthrough. To 100% complete the game, I anticipate at least 8 hours.

7. Are there any Wii U / Miiverse specific features incorporated into the game? (off-TV mode etc)

Right now the only Wii U specific feature we have is off TV mode, similar to Shovel Knight.

Based on the information provided and the video, I’m definitely looking forward to playing Poncho when it comes out on the Nintendo Wii U!

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