Daniel from Shigeru Reviews explains why all Nintendo fans should own a Wii U!

Are you a Nintendo fan? Have you been thinking about getting a Wii U lately? Daniel from Shigeru Reviews shares his opinion on why all Nintendo fans should own a Wii U. Click on the source link below to read the full story!

I keep hearing people say that the Wii U is dying. and its almost time for the NX. We should be seeing it sometime next year, they say. Personally, I doubt it.

Look at all the Wii U games this year. And now think about the Wii U games we know about for next year so far: Star Fox Zero, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, and the new Legend of Zelda. Those are not small quickly made games. Nintendo is going to continue their support of the Wii U. Even if the NX does come out next year, it’ll be late next year and Wii U games will still be coming out.

All Nintendo fans should own the Wii U. Let me tell you why…

Source: Shigeru Reviews

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