Splatoon currently #1 on Amazon Canada’s Best Sellers List!

Nintendo has been doing some interesting marketing to help promote their upcoming release of Splatoon for the Wii U.

A couple of weekends back, Nintendo hosted a Global Test-fire event. The event consisted of 3 separate play sessions consisting of 1 hour each. This allowed Wii U owners from across the globe who downloaded a special demo of Splatoon to compete against eachother online.

It appears this has gone over quite well because Splatoon is currently ranked #1 on Amazon Canada’s Best Sellers list. Nintendo is also planning to host another Global Test-fire this upcoming Saturday for players to give the game another run before it launches on May 29th.

Considering the game has only been on the Top 100 Best Sellers list for 11 days, hitting #1 already is quite impressive. Here’s hoping for continued success after launch as well.

Splatoon is also currently #1 on Amazon Japan’s Best Sellers list. With Splatoon taking the world by storm, will you be one of the many Wii U owners playing Splatoon when it comes out?

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