StarLight by Bear Box Media coming soon to the Nintendo Wii U!

StarLight is a reaction-based, physics puzzle game in which players guide a star through over 75 levels in 3 different environments. Ever moving, never stopping, players must grapple or repel off of surfaces and pivot points in the levels to help them avoid colliding with any edges.

• Over 75 levels
• Mirror Mode
• 3 Difficulty Modes
• Record and watch back every level
• 10 Great music tracks
• 10 Unlockable Achievements
• 5 Secret Levels
• Supports multiple controllers
• Play the whole game with or without the TV
• Owners of Internal Invasion save 20%

When you think you’re up for the challenge, players can take on the Hardcore mode, where a single crash means it’s all over. Can you get through all 75 levels? Are you hardcore?

StarLight should be out sometime this quarter on the NA eShop!

Source: Bear Box Media

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