Strong National Museum of Play induct 6 games into the Video Game Hall of Fame!

Six of the video gaming world’s most iconic titles have been inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame at the Strong National Museum of Play. The inaugural inductees were chosen for their longevity, influence, contribution to popular culture — and, of course, for being great games. It’s hard to disagree — each of these six games is unique and important in its own right.

  • Pong was among the first electronic games out there, and certainly the first to make a big impact. It may not be common these days, but it was unavoidable in the ’70s.
  • Pac-Man’s frantic, addictive and deep gameplay gulped many a quarter in arcades, and is still a common sight in bars and lobbies today.
  • Super Mario Bros. not only introduced a generation of kids to games, but ushered in arguably the most widely recognized video game character ever — Mario, of course (and to a lesser extent, his brother Luigi).
  • Tetris is among the best-selling games of all time, and many a child of the ’80s will remember the music that accompanied hours-long play sessions of this block-stacking classic.
  • Doom was the breakout hit of the shareware era, with copies passed from friend to friend — often secretly, as the ultra-violent shooter wasn’t exactly a hit with parents.
  • World of Warcraft has ensnared millions for over a decade and helped spawn an entire genre of massively multiplayer online games — it wasn’t the first, but it’s definitely the biggest.

The museum’s press site has lots of images and footage of the games if you want to take a trip down memory lane.

Source: NBC News

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